Bridging loans are a key financial tool for property investors and developers.

They can help to facilitate both simple and complex transactions, quickly – arrangement can be done within a matter of weeks, which gives them a unique place in the property market. Typically bridging loans are used to fund a property purchase before selling an existing one, purchase a property in need of refurbishment, buying land without planning or when speed is essential such as buying at auction.

At PFG we can instantly search the breadth of this vast and varied marketplace to find the best solution for you before we begin negotiating with lenders on your behalf. And because we know you don’t like paperwork, the PFG team will process all of the documentation and manage all of the third parties involved.

If you’re in a contracts race or have a deadline to meet before a property goes into auction and your estate agent is revving you up, things will get fraught. We’ve seen it all before and will guide you accordingly.

Minimum Loan: £150k
Maximum Loan: No limit (up to £ 50m is achievable)
Loan-to-Value: Up to 90%
Number of Lenders: 50+
Rates: Starting from 5% (or 0.41% per month)
Loan terms: Typically 1 month to 18 months (but can be up to 2 – 3 years)
Payment terms: Lender interest and fees to be paid on redemption (as standard)
Largest Bridge Completed to date: £25m

Serviced bridging loans are also available

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Refurbishment Bridging

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At Property Finance Group, you can leave us to arrange the finance so you can get on with doing what you do best. Here’s why:

Tech-empowered EFFICIENCY:

Using instant loan sourcing tech frees our time to understand your business and aspirations, and plan and strategise with you, while seamlessly managing every step of your application.

Market access and visibility:

Our tech is available for you 24/7, so you can instantly access live loan information, check your deals stack and avoid wasting time on unviable projects.

from start to finish fast:

An instant market-wide digital search + lender-favoured application process means you can receive a same-day Decision In Principle (DIP).

building your success:

We deliver the best specialist property finance on the market, helping you spread your equity, diversify investments and grow your business.

A partnership for the long-term:

As industry experts, we navigate challenges to craft finance for every project – from first-time to seasoned property investors & developers, we’re here for your journey.