Property Finance Group specialises in securing the best development finance, bridging loans, high-value buy-to-let mortgages and commercial mortgages. We’re all seasoned property professionals with decades of experience, and we know our way around the market like no other brokers.

We founded PFG in 2014 because we knew we could offer a better service for developers and investors looking to secure finance. From initial inquiry to loan completion, we are here for you and will always have your best interests at heart. Our aim isn’t to complete as many loans as possible, but to make sure every client gets the best possible funding for their circumstances, and we will never put you into a situation which we do not think is the best solution for you.

On top of that, we’re using the latest fintech tools, enabling us to perform a market-wide search instantly and secure DIPs in a matter of hours, freeing up our time to be even more focused on you.

Craig Mason

With over a decade of expertise in real estate finance, debt, equity, and commercial loans, Craig has seen all sides of a property transaction from sales, build monitoring to financing and has worked on a vast range of projects, from commercial to residential and everything in between. This has given Craig a deep understanding of market dynamics and financing intricacies, allowing him to offer innovative and tailored solutions to his clients.

Craig has also extended his expertise and financing solutions to developers across the EU, including France, Spain and Portugal. His mission is clear: to simplify and expedite the financing process for both UK and EU developers.

Anthony Coleman

After working at one of the biggest names in banking, Anthony’s understanding of structured credit steered him towards specialist finance, where he’s been building expertise in secured loans, bridging and development finance for over 10 years.

Anthony has helped countless clients secure the best finance for their projects, borrowing more for less and achieving staggeringly better returns on investment. Whether saving the day for a client whose lender went bust or arranging super-fast finance for an impulse auction buy, Anthony’s brokering skills are impeccable. He always takes a hands-on approach and is keen to meet in person, visit sites and get to the nitty-gritty of his clients needs.

Robin Bruce

Robin has over 7 years of experience in the corporate real estate and commercial finance sectors, with a proven track record of arranging the full debt stack for complex and challenging projects, from acquisition through to development and exit.

Prior to joining PFG, as MD of a property development company, Robin grew its balance sheet spectacularly, whilst also running an independent commercial finance brokerage that secured tens of millions of pounds in loans to SME clients in just 2 years.

Much of Robin’s skillset was formed whilst serving as a Royal Marine Officer. Today, he directs his problem solving skills and abilities to meet demanding time pressures towards the property finance industry.