Every developer is aware of the long and often delayed process involved in achieving planning permission.

It’s enough to deter some developers. But having the right funding in place during the process can alleviate some of the pressure – cue Planning Bridging Finance.

Planning Bridging is used for sites:

  • without planning
  • with only outline planning
  • with detailed planning that has to be varied in some way

It creates liquidity during the initial stages of a project, from purchasing, to securing planning and finalising development details and ensures your bills are paid right up until your site is shovel ready – whether that’s you lifting the shovel or you sell on for someone else to build out.

Why choose PFG for your Planning Bridge?

There are so many lenders in this space now, that choice isn’t the problem for clients, it’s making the right choice. PFG brokers know the space inside out, and they will choose the right lender.

The bridging market is unlike the residential mortgage market because there is far less transparency. But we are opening the market up for every borrower, so you can instantly search and compare Planning Bridging options, and then rely on our expertise and 45+ years’ experience in arranging bridging loans.