When you need to transact quickly on a property purchase, or a short-term refinance solution.

Purchase refinance (unsurprisingly) is used to purchase a property, most typically at auction or to prevent chain breaks.

When your project runs over or hasn’t yet sold and your original bridging lender won’t extend, refinancing (re-bridge) with another bridging lender could be a solution.

Not all lenders will allow a re-bridge, but the last 5 -10 years has seen bridging lenders increasing substantially, with more offering loans of £10m+.

This means you have more flexibility and more options when it comes to purchasing or refinancing a property.

Why choose PFG?

Whether you are looking to take equity from your property or buy before selling, we know how to get the right bridging deal for you. Through a full understanding of the client position and the asset, and due to our in-depth knowledge of related debt markets, we are able to demonstrate credible exit strategies, enabling us to present your case in a better light then almost anyone else.