When you need to stretch your equity further, but don’t want to deal with multiple lenders.

The Stretched Senior market allows clients to borrow more than most mainstream development lenders without the hassle of dealing with a second mezzanine lender.

When your equity goes further, you can take on a bigger project or multiple projects and increase your Return on Capital Employed, helping you to scale your business sooner.

Why choose PFG for your Stretched Senior Development Finance?

In Development Finance, most people believe the pricing or the leverage are the most important drivers. But, equally important for us is the lender we are introducing our client to. Development Finance is unlike other markets. You’re going to have regular contact with the lender and the relationship is a lot more intense.

As Stretched Senior is a relatively new market, it’s important to know who you are getting into bed with. Will this lender be around in 6 or 12 months from now? Are they experienced enough to deal with the issues that arise in development projects? The risk is greater for the lender when offering Stretched Senior funding, so you don’t want a lender that is quick on the trigger if you encounter problems.

It’s not just about the best price, it’s about finding the best partner, and that is exactly what we do for our clients.