Whether you’re building 4 units or 400, we here quash the myth that developers should be grateful for anyone willing to lend to them.

The lack of transparency around development finance means most borrowers are guilty of taking finance from the first lender that they speak to, or at best, they may speak to a handful of lenders. In an industry where developers talk to 15 different concrete providers to ensure they have the best deal, it seems crazy that the very same borrower only speaks to one lender.

We look at 110+ lenders for our clients, right across the capital stack, offering senior debt, stretched senior, mezzanine and equity for your residential developments.

Why choose PFG for your Residential Development Finance?

The market is competitive and that leads to better deals, and we know this market better than anyone. We will help you navigate the complex terminology and go through comprehensive lender comparison.

We’ll also help you present your project using our lender-favoured Smart Appraisal™. It’s the only developer project appraisal that connects directly with lenders, and it covers everything we know lenders want to see (plus some nice-to-knows for good measure!).

We can offer borrowing options you hadn’t considered such as mezzanine and equity loans and will negotiate the best deal and guide you through the vetting and legal process.

First-time developer, or an experienced old-hand, obtaining development finance is not what you’re good at. But we are, so leave it to us.