When a new site comes up at the wrong time, or you just want to make your equity work harder for you, returns on capital employed can sky rocket when you use mezzanine funding.

It’s ideal for clients that want to run multiple projects at the same time, want to take on bigger projects, or want to replace their more expensive equity investors. Whatever the reason, we can help you source the right senior debt and mezzanine partner to maximise your returns.

Why choose PFG for your Mezzanine Development Finance?

Mezzanine Funding is expensive, but for the right project and the right circumstances it can be an invaluable tool, and seriously increase your returns.

There are easy ways to reduce the cost. If the mezzanine funder and senior lender have worked together before, then there is likely to be an ICD in place which saves time and legal costs. Similarly, if there is an existing relationship, both lenders are more likely to share professionals; lawyers, QS and valuers. Every little helps.

As with Stretched Senior, it’s important to know that your lender is reliable and if issues arise during the development phase, and they will, your lender will work with you rather than make your life difficult. We know which lenders work well together and which lenders are comfortable working in a deal structured with mezzanine finance.