Suitable for Developers looking for funding across multiple sites, or a Landlord that wants the ability to buy and sell property without having to arrange an individual mortgage for each asset.

The flexibility and certainty that these types of lending facilities can offer is invaluable, and we’re on hand to tailor the best solutions for your business.

If you’re a Landlord with a debt requirement of more than £ 10m across multiple properties, or a Developer looking for debt across 2 or 3 more sites and /or need borrowing of more than £ 10m, then a RCF could be for you.

Why choose PFG for your Revolving Credit Facilities?

RCF’s are bespoke in terms of pricing and structuring, so creating the best deal requires skill. We’ve helped create facilities for SME house builders as well as CRE landlords that enable them to take their businesses on to the next level. With the certainty of being pre-approved for further borrowing, our clients time is freed up to spend on sourcing new opportunities.

We have the know-how to help you structure the right deal for you to help you grow your business.