Whether you’re buying as an owner / operator or for investment purposes, we have the expertise & experience to guide you.

We have helped our clients source finance for the development of hotels, through the difficult-to-finance stabilisation period, and then onto fixed rates for long term investment.

Our network of lenders lend throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

Why choose PFG for your Hotel Finance?

Most hotel finance is provided by lenders that the majority of people would never have heard of.

As the loans tend to be larger, they might have to be co-funded through a Club Deal, which further complicates matters and requires a client to have the right experience around them. We’ve worked on plenty of largescale loans in this sector, predominantly in the UK but we have also been involved in sourcing Hotel Finance in France, Germany, Switzerland, the Balearics and the US, so we know exactly what we’re doing.