For most business owners, the most frustrating cost that they have to meet is rent. Seeing tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds leave the business each year to pay someone else’s mortgage makes no sense.

Being able to buy their own premises is a dream for a lot of businesses, but we help this dream become a reality. Whether you’re buying offices, a factory, a warehouse, or something more specialist like a private hospital, we are on hand to help secure the mortgage you need.

Why choose PFG for your Business Mortgages?

We’ve seen it many times; a client banks with one of the major high-street banks and they naturally speak to them when looking at obtaining a mortgage for the business. After all, who knows the business better than your own bank?

Whilst we’re sure banks do offer good rates to their business customers, we’re yet to see a case where they offered their best pricing to their client at the first time of asking. They know that you think taking a business mortgage with another bank will mean switching your business banking as well, which is a major upheaval. As a result they know they can charge higher rates.

Well, changing bank accounts is a myth. Whilst any new bank would prefer you switch your business banking, it is not a prerequisite for all.

As a business owner, for everything else you will shop around, but with your biggest financial commitment you’re happy to only speak to Dave in the local branch of the bank you’ve been with for 30 years. Do yourself a favour and speak to a specialist broker at PFG.

We get to know and understand your business, so that we can match your requirements to the best lender and we’ll also save you a huge amount of time to boot, as we do all the leg-work for you.