Location : Mallorca (Majorca), Spain

Loan Type : Residential Mortgage

Loan Size : € 11m

Loan-to-Value : 60%

The Situation

Our client was looking to re-mortgage and release equity from a property that had been meticulously re-furbished. The property is one of the largest private residences in Mallorca.

The Challenge

The clients income was low in comparison to the debt quantum. The client was also paid from multiple sources across multiple jurisdictions.
On the property itself, this is a large loan by Spanish standards, and there aren’t many banks that can assist. The illiquid nature of the asset also increases the perceived risk for lenders.

The Outcome

By maximising the loan to value at which the bank would lend, we were able to offer interest cover to the bank, which helped overcome the low income. The client also created an AUM portfolio with the client, that was designed to help part service the loan.

By having a deep understanding of our clients asset base, we were able to give the bank comfort around the clients ability to repay the loan, via future liquidity events.