Location : Multiple Properties across South-West London

Loan Type : Buy-to-Let

Loan Size : £ 10.59m

Loan-to-Value : 75%

The Situation

Our client wished to re-mortgage and release significant equity across 29 BTL properties, on a long term fixed rate.

The Challenge

Our client owns more than 150 properties, so this was a small section of his overall portfolio. As the majority of his income is derived from property, and given that he didn’t want to pledge AUM, this ruled out all Private Banks.

Given the number of properties that he owned in his wider portfolio, all high street banks were also ruled out. The leverage we wanted to achieve also meant this was a difficult deal for most commercial banks as well.

The Outcome

A 5 year fixed rate of 3.79%, despite the overall value of the properties being reduced by nearly £ 4m by the banks valuer.

Fortunately, we were able to get the bank to increase their LTV from 65% to 75% rather than reduce the loan amount, and the client was able to release the equity they wanted for further property investment.